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With the Wels Goverment having provided the green light to re-open our bowling facilities, the Management Committee have decided that bowling for members can resume from APRIL 17th. However, there will be rules and regulations that must be adhered to at all times, therefore ensuring that we can all enjoy the resumption in a safe and controlled manner. Please take the time to read these, whilst ensuring that we all act responsibly during these trying times. Failure to uphold these rules and regulations may result in disciplinary action.


Covid-19: Rules/Regulations and Guidance:-


1)  Booking of a rink must be made in order to be able to bowl at the club, the arrangements for which will be taken       via a phone call to the Officer in Charge. (Contact details will be provided).

2)  Before booking the member must ensure that he/she are showing no symptoms of Coronavirus.

3)  A member must not have returned from any travel outside of the UK within the last 14 days.

4)  A member must not have been in any contact with anyone who has tested positive for Coronavirus within the last       14 days.

5)  There will be a one-way system within the facility, evident through relevant signage.

6)  On your initial visit, everyone entering the facility must sign a disclaimer form and will have to sign in and out             under the relevant date, for tracking and tracing purposes.

7)  You must adhere to the one in one out system, this means that you can enter the building to get your bowls             equipment, but you must collect these and leave the building via the relevant signposted areas outside to change.

8)  Toilet facilities can be used, again one in one out. Please read the signs on the doors and only use the facilities           available, again, please keep the areas clean and tidy at all times.

9)  There will be a maximum of 30 people allowed within the facility at any one time, this can include spectators who       are members.

10) There will be designated areas for both players and spectators, with cleaning facilities available to cleanse these        areas which will include bins to dispose of any rubbish.

11) At present, there will be a strict no alcohol policy enforced at all times.

12) Your booking will consist of a 2 hour window. You must finish within 1 hour and 30 minutes, giving you 30                minutes to clean your equipment etc and then leave. This must be done promptly to ensure all members get              their full time allocation.

13) There must be no loitering in and around the bowling club, once you have finished you must leave to ensure that        we can all function within as safe an environment as possible.

14) At present, only singles and pairs will be permitted on the green, no more than 2 different households can be            present on the same rink at the same time under any circumstances. You must maintain the safe current social          distance, 2 metres apart.

15) Only 3 rinks will be made available, and these will be determined daily by the the greens committee.

16) Only use your own bowls, position the jack with your foot, there will be a jack at each end. No measuring                  allowed, and no scoreboards. Facilities for cleaning mats etc will be available, one person to handle the mat              within the rink.

17) The Management Committee reserve the right to make changes at any time, and will have the final decision.


Please ensure that we all follow the public health guidelines for hygiene at all times, and ensure that we maintain   social distancing as best we can. Will members please be mindful of the individuals who are still working, when booking throughout the week in order to ensure that they also have an  opportunity to play. We strongly recommend that you bring and use your own sanitiser.


 Please be aware that we all have a responsibility to protect ourselves and our families,   therefore using common sense and staying safe is paramount.


 Most Importantly